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XGalaga is a clone of the classic game Galaga for the X Window System. Xgalaga is a space-invader like game with additional features to produce a more interesting game. XGalaga was originally written by Joe Rumsey.
The maemo port is based on XGalaga-SDL, a port of XGalaga using the SDL (Simple DirectMedia Layer) library. XGalaga-SDL was originally written by Andy Tarkinson.

The Maemo port is made by Jean-Luc Biord. This version allow to play in the height of the tablet and to use the on-screen buttons to move the ship.

Installation instructions :

XGalaga is available for download in the Maemo extras repository and on the Maemo applications catalog for OS2008. To have the required libxpm4 package, please install in the application package the repository : " chinook free non-free". 
Copyright 2007-2008 by Jean-Luc Biord. All rights reserved.